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Our Story

The first time I met Jim, he was working at a store in the mall and I overheard him interacting with a customer and thought, "That is the kind of guy I want to spend my life with." Almost two years later, I had thought about Jim a few times and decided to use the marketing skills I learned in business school to develop a profile on a dating website. Lexus designed a car for a woman who is eight months pregnant, I designed a profile with the target market: that guy Jim from the mall. I got a whole bunch of responses to my profile, so I know my marketing campaign was successful.. but the real clincher was Jim! my target market! Responded!!! I did, authentically, stand up at my computer and do a happy dance when I got his message. I had to read his profile twice and look at his picture several times to verify it was the ACTUAL Jim that I ACTUALLY wrote the ad for. And it was!!!! How miraculous!

In his initial message to me, Jim did not expect me to respond. In fact, I feel the opposite occurred. I could not have been more overzealous... well, actually, this is par for the course with me. I really love Jim and I have always loved him and I will always love him and he can do no wrong. No, really. No wrong. During our initial date, I had two goals: 1) do not scare him away 2) try to act normal. So, he came to meet me at the Bite of Seattle at the Jazz stage and when he got there he texted me "I'm here" and I turned around and he was standing RIGHT THERE and it was THE Jim that I remembered and I think it took every ounce of me not to squeal like a little kid. I did grin like a crazy person, and I am positive that for me it was love at first sight. That's not really fair.. I did stalk him quite a bit. It was love at tenth or eleventh sight. We spent a few hours walking around the Bite of Seattle and trying bites of everything and chatting and I noticed his Green Lantern watch and actually did make a funny happy kid noise -- which impressed him, boy how I didn't know that was actually a very good thing until much later. and then my friends who were watching a movie at the IMAX got out of their show and called me and he said he would give me a ride home.. wherein my friend Charlene said.. "Hand him the phone" so I did, and he proceeded to give her his social security number, his full name, date of birth, address, and possibly a promise for a blood sample later. Then he handed the phone back to me and smiled and said, "Your friends are awesome."

On our second date.. I locked myself out of the house in my pajamas and by the time he got to my house I had worked myself into total sweaty exhaustion and he spent the first hour and a half of our date driving me to my Step-Mom's office to get the emergency key and so that I could shower and get dressed and we missed the movie he had tickets for and he went to get me coffee at my favorite coffee shop while I was getting ready. Wait, rewind, before he left me to get ready, he KISSED me. I mean, like, I was busy freaking out in front of the house about my embarrassing circumstance and saying things like, "No, I really am not usually like this, I usually have some dignity and composure, I am really not this dramatic (what a white lie that was!)" thinking "oh lord, this is going to be my second and last date with this guy that I have the biggest crush on in the whole world" and then he KISSED me.. and it was one of those time stops, I can't breath, fireworks, gimme-some-more-sugar-baby, life-changing kisses. It really was all of that and more. I just don't have enough adjectives to describe that moment. I felt beautiful in my pajamas, standing in the driveway of the house. I felt amazing. And what's more.. all of our kisses pretty much go the same way :)